Monday, May 30, 2016

Timeline Packing Tips for Your Move

Make a move and you’ll be scouring the Internet for ideas on how to best accomplish it. But know this: everything you need to do can be done over time. With proper planning you can handle a little bit each day, especially if you have the customary two months time period to move. Let’s take a look at a timeline-based packing strategy for your move.

Two Months Out

About 60 days before your move, you should pack those items you won’t be needing again until after you arrive at your new home. This is also a good time to declutter, by getting rid of items you won’t use again. Donate same or hold a yard sale.

As for what to pack now, each of the following can be included: photo albums, cookbooks, scrap books, and books. Seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations can also be included. Out of season clothing can also be packed as can art and any other decorations you won’t display again until you’re in your next home.

One Month Out

Now it is time to step things up by packing all your extra kitchen gadgets as well as most of your fragile items, including vases, knick knacks, and glassware. Your board games and puzzles can also be packed, but leave a few out until you move — your children may be looking for something to entertain themselves with, especially on a rainy day.

Additional entertainment items can also be packed ranging from DVDs to video games and from CDs to crafts. Place these items in a specially marked box and don’t seal immediately — you might want to retrieve something later.

Two Weeks to Go

With two weeks remaining before you move, there is so much still to be done. Here, you might enlist the help of friends and family to pitch in. A good approach at this point is go from room to room and pack those items you can do without over the final two weeks.

These items can include electronics, cords, office supplies, accessories, extra linens, and various non-essential items. You might also need to acquire additional boxes at this point, so visit your local retailers and make a pitch. Ask neighbors for their newspapers, begin labeling your boxes by color, and seal up what you won’t be needing until later.

One Week Out

You’re almost there! Now, it is time to live like a vagabond — by putting nearly everything else in boxes and schlepping around with what you have. This is also where you can finish “eating down” the food you have on hand, so why not invite the neighbors and throw yourself a wonderful going away party?

Clean out your pantry, donating food you can’t take with you to your local food bank. Obtain a receipt for tax purposes too. Small appliances, most dishes and flatware, some bedding, and your excess clothes can be packed away too.

Don’t forget to pack suitcases for your move. Also, create an “open first” box and fill it with those items you’ll need as soon as you arrive in your new home.

One Day Away

The day before the moving truck arrives means packing everything else. And I mean everything. Why? Because you’ll spend the night before your move in a hotel room, allowing you and your family to get a good night’s sleep. You can always head back home early the next morning to greet the movers explains the North American Moving Company.

Clean out the refrigerator, throw out old or spoiled food, pack your toiletries, bring along the pet supplies, and take down whatever blinds and curtains do not convey with the home. When done, perform a final walk through to ensure that nothing has been left behind. Check every room, open all closets, and look in each nook and cranny to ensure everything has been packed and is ready to go.