Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beach Trippin

A trip to the ocean should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is beautiful scenery, lots of water and sand, room to play and you can even sit under the umbrella and watch the waves come in. Yes, a beach vacation can be very relaxing. You can find adventure and make lifelong memories. There are some issues to consider. It might be fun to say you went to a popular beach on vacation; just remember that there will be a LOT of people who want to go there! State websites often link to tourist pages. Check out their recommendations before you decide.

Beachcombing or People Watching

Particularly if you intend to go to well-known beach areas, plan to go early in the morning and leave by midday, especially with children. You will have more fun, fewer people, and miss the heat of the noontime sun. Less “visited” beaches will allow a little more latitude. If you really want to visit a famous beach, plan a one day visit there and then other days somewhere else. Large crowds mean cramped beach seating, more chaos in the water, and anxious parents trying to locate and supervise children. State travel pages will usually tell you if picnicking or bonfires are permitted as well. These activities can make for beautiful memories of time at the beach. Just be certain to familiarize yourself with the “rules”.

When Enough is Enough or the Weather Changes

Plan “B” is always good when it comes to outdoor destinations. With small children, limited beach time is a good thing. Check to see what’s available nearby. First, is there a reasonable hotel with an indoor pool where you can stay? Are there indoor sports places with fun activities for kids and families to do? Are there museums for science, history, or art where you can take the family? Sometimes you can find interesting tours or sightseeing excursions that your family will enjoy. You might not need this list, but you will be prepared.

Meals on Wheels

Keep meals simple, small, and more frequent when you are travelling. Be careful about fast food, rich foods and fried foods. These can be the cause of upset tummies and no one has fun then. You don’t have to take it all with you when you leave home. Very few places you might travel have no grocery or discount store available. Keep down expenses and make those few meals “out” more special and memorable. Many hotels include breakfast in your stay with them. Be sure to check into the local restaurants. Sure, you can go to the chain restaurants, but this is supposed to be an adventure, right?


As much as possible it’s good to leave electronic devices at home. You are looking for family time, not the tops of heads! Take pictures, have kids write stories and draw pictures too. Once home, they can put together a family trip album to make those winter nights more bearable and dreams of the next vacation floating through their heads! Enjoy!!

WilliamSchoellkopf is a travel writer who loves to spend his vacations in the Beaches. Follow him on Facebook to know about his experience.