Friday, October 28, 2016

Top photography sites in Myanmar

For many photographers, Asia is a big attraction and Myanmar is amongst the most desirable destination for certain reasons. From iconic Shwedagon pagoda to the unique Inle Lake, sprawling cities to diverse wildlife – the country boasts endless photogenic chances. It is truly a great source of content for a lifetime photo workshop or photography hosting website such as

Mr. Win, a dedicated photo tour guide reveals some of the best places to shoot in Myanmar :

There is no doubt that Bagan inspires all video makers and photographer thanks to its mesmerizing beauty.  Over 2200 temples poke out the picturesque forest and lust local plantation were built from 11th century of all sizes.  While during the day time, the pagodas exposes the long history through their faded bricks, walls and spires; sunset offers a very impressive panorama that you should not miss .

Bagan is also a great place to enjoy a balloon ride where you capture the sunrise like nowhere else in the world.

Ubein bridge

Located in Inwa ancient capital, Ubein is known as the longest teakwood bridge in the world. It is one of the best places to shoot the sundowner as it is very clear and very emotional when the sun sets through the bridge spans. 

Do not miss the poitraits of local fishermen who row the boat manually on Taungthaman lake. Some Mandalay Tour Operator offers over lake shooting. 

Chin state

It may come to surprise many people when we mention about this magical land but it is very worth. Chin state is home to the unique tattooed face hill tribes and many treasury landscapes combining mountains and fascinating hamlet in style.

There is no better opportunity to see the remote markets, unspoiled nature with many wild animals like deer, grand lizard…

Inle Lake

Your photography journey to Myanmar is incomplete without visiting Inle Lake. The floating garden is something special and the must see of Inle also includes the extraordinary one leg rowing fisherman, over water villages and traditional works of rolling cigar, lotus silk fabric.

Another reason that Inle entices photographer is the people. The lake houses different ethnic minorities and the Palaung, a long neck hill tribe is so special that you may spend even an hours to have their vivid photos.

Mrauk U
In our opinion,  Mrauk U is simply a magnet photo site where you can explore the extraordinary culture of Arakan kingdom and get the best of Burmese rural life. 

We recommend all travelers to adventure along the Kaladan river, watching the royal palace or monks in a secluded monastery collecting alms in the afternoon. The very rewarded experience should be the sunrise when the cloud covers all the mountains and temple’s spires. 

Since Mrauk U is one of the biggest archeological sites, it is no difficult to find the inspiration for some ideas of how to travel back to the past.