Monday, April 16, 2018

Which platform you need to choose if you want to create a travel blog?

You have traveled to various parts of the world or your country, part of your inspiration have been the other travel blogs that have helped you in making your dream come true and now you want to do the same. You want to write your stories and tell your experiences to help people go out and discover the world while generating money in the process.

Before continuing, and if you have not already done so, I would ask you to read:

"Can you make money with a travel blog?"

You will learn the reality of how to make money with a
popular travel blog and above all something very important, if you want to create a professional travel blog you will have to invest some money.

You can create free blogs in WordPress or Blogger / Blogspot but the difference between a hosted blog for free and a professional one is very many and here what I am looking for is to create a blog that eventually becomes your profession and business.

So, are you ready?

There are several platforms to create a web page or travel blog, for the world of blogs the most popular are WordPress and Blogspot. But if you want to play in the big leagues and really create a professional blog, then my recommendation to create a travel blog or website is without hesitation: WordPress

WordPress is one of the most friendly and at the same time most robust platforms, in terms of capacity, that exist. Hundreds of blogs, magazines, newspapers of international stature are mounted on WordPress. (Some examples: CNN, TED, TIME, UPS, etc.)

Blogspot / Blogger are specialized platforms in blogs but due to its goal is to be blogs daily style what can be done or modified in them is extremely limited.

Now, WordPress has 2 versions, WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG

The difference? Both are free but in .COM they give you the hosting, which I will talk about later, and in .ORG you have to put the hosting of all the files.

The version where they give you the hosting (.COM), for the same that they give you, is very limited since you have to use exclusively the designs and tools that they allow you and you can not install anything external.

On the other hand, the version that you install in your hosting gives you the freedom to create the designs you want, install tools, programs, upload the amount of files, photos, etc., that you want (as long as your host allows it) ).

Then to create your travel blog you will use this version (.ORG), which you have control of everything that is installed and seen in your blog, this will give you freedom of creation you need.