Monday, September 24, 2018

7 Best Adventurous WaterSports in Goa

Known as ‘the Party-town,’ Goa is the place for ravishing parties. Moreover, the place has a lot to explore. It unveils to you its splendid and aesthetic beauty of the city. Owing to its diverse offerings, the place has become more popular among the locals as well as the international tourists.

Along with the sun-kissed beaches, spectacular scenery and insight culturally dynamic state, it explicitly carries its Portuguese heritage and architectural styles. The streets of Goa still reminds of the Portuguese rule that existed 450 years ago. Other than beaches and ravishing parties the place has numerous churches and basilicas which are considered as a popular pilgrimage spot. A first-hand experiencing in waterfront adventure sports, delicious food, and flea-market style will make your trip more fulfilling. There are some stunning backwaters and rivers in which you can experience the boat cruise in Goa. The cruises are filled with amusement and fun as there are professional troupes and pleasing surroundings. There are different types of cruises available; some of them are Casino Cruise, Backwater cruise, Catamaran cruise, River Cruise, houseboat cruise, and Casino pride (premium floating and the luxurious cruise).

To explore the water activities in Goa, the place provides ample opportunities for the ones who are adventure enthusiasts. You can go surfing, cruising or parasailing, scuba diving, parasailing etc.
  1. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is undoubtedly the most favoured activity for the ones who love to explore the underwater world.  You can witness the various marine species of the ocean and feel the thrill as you take a plunge into the water and swim among the colourful fishes.
  2. Jet Ski:  Though these rides seem to be a bit difficult on the first go, once you understand the tips and tricks, you will endeavour the thrill of sitting on a Jet Ski. Manoeuvring the waters at high speed will usher more excitement in you.
  3. River Rafting: The perfect place for River rafting in Goa is at the Mhadei River. The best time to experience this activity is during the monsoon season. It is quite challenging as it navigates through tricky paths.
  4. Parasailing: If you relish the thrill of flying high in the clouds, this can be the game for you. The activity harness you to the rope and the parasail, the other end of the rope is fixed to the boat, as the boat sail off the person gets lifted off in the air. Parasailing can be enjoyed at Arjuna and Vagator beach.
  5. Kayaking: This activity is one of the definitely considered activities mostly among the foreign tourists. The journey will take you to pass the mangroves forest and pristine beaches.
  6. Water Ski: Venturing into the deep blue sea, water skiing can get you a high adrenaline rush. The skiers are connected to a high-speed boat with a string.  As the boat gains speed, the skier's float and keep the balance.
  7. Windsurfing: The unique blend of sailing and surfing, the extremely exciting activity allowing the rider to ride the waters along the direction of the wind.   
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