Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Places that shouldn’t miss in Jodhpur

India’s the first Sun rising place, Jodhpur is a famous and the second largest city in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is known for the great history of Rao Jodha who is the founder of Jodhpur. This imperial blue aura city is assorted with a lot number of attractions like historical forts, monuments, palaces etc. Let’s have a look that the places in Jodhpur shouldn’t miss.

Mehrangarh Fort:

Mehrangarh Fort is one of India’s largest forts and the most prominent place to visit in Jodhpur. This majestic fort was built by the founder of Jodhpur, Rao Jodha in the 15th century. It is an architectural marvel with high and thick fortifications, numerous palaces, temples, etc. Mehrangarh Fort is the most visited place in Jodhpur.

Jaswant Thada:

Jaswant Thada is a marble wonder at the foot of Mehrangarh Fort, built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. The main attraction of this monument is its marble construction. And it is known for its architectural styles which are very detailed carvings and structures. Inside the Jaswant Thada, you can see the portraits of Rathore rulers. Mainly, the lawn of this monument is known for as the best relaxation spot.

Umaid Bhawan Palace:

A splendid palace in Jodhpur means with no doubt, Umaid Bhawan Palace stands first. This royal and luxurious palace is located at the highest point of the city and consists of 347 rooms. Umaid Bhawan Palace is well-known for its mix of Indian and European architectural styles. Here Museum is the most famous to visit.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park:

This Desert Park resembles the hard work to restore some important natural plant species. In the year 2006, to save the rocky area near the fort 80 native plants from the Thar Desert was restored here. Now the 200 acres of the park stands with many important plant species. For nature lovers, it is the best place that shouldn’t miss.

Mandore Gardens:

A pleasant destination in Jodhpur means it Mandore Gardens. Actually, Mandore Gardens are the place for Royal cenotaphs and here you can witness many cenotaphs which are known for architectural splendor. Mandore Gardens are mainly known for its architectural styles, museum, a temple of 33 crore Gods, and varied artifacts. In one word, Mandore Gardens is the place where you can see Jodhpur’s bygone era.

Kailana Lake:

Kailana Lake is a famous man-made lake in Jodhpur with stunning views and built by Pratap Singh. This pleasant lake is famous for the birdwatchers and even you can sail on the waters of Kailana Lake. Sunset view from this lake is the must seen thing.

Clock Tower:

Clock Tower is the famous spot in the Old City of Jodhpur. From the Clock Tower, you can have a pictorial view of the Fort and you can shop here in the famous Sardar Market. You can grab many things like handicrafts, saris, vegetables, and spices etc.