Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Explore Goa from different angle beyond merrymaking places and nightclubs

Most of the people out there must have heard something or the other thing about numerous merrymakingplaces and old churches. Apart from this, who isn’t aware of the mouth-watering Goan seafood, magnificent beaches, beach resorts and ferry rides that are known to be fun-filled? However, you just imagine Goa to be just an exemplary tourist spot and where people love to go just to party then just rethink about it.

Well, you need to look further than the teeming Baga and Calangute beaches to discover the mind-blowing interiors of this place. Believe it or not, the moment you will reach the place where the buzzing of the traffic diminishes and try to look around you will just be speechless. As you will definitely see exquisite and charming mountains at the distance, paddy meadows stretching in the vastness of lush green and surroundings decorated with the coconut trees. Isn’t this view the most beautiful?

Well, you can experience all this while your stay in luxurious Calangute beach resorts Goa. Many travellers tend to just overlook or just spend some time in Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Much executive grind goes on in Panjim and its flamboyant and even then less attention-grabbing place than the remaining part of the state. However, try to explore Fontainhas and the Panjim's old district. There you'll see antiquated Portuguese chalets with tint-splashed columns. Splendid oratories here have openings ornamented with marigold florets and some have clay lamps lit outside in a captivating fusion of ethos and sacred practices.

Have you ever got the chance in your previous visits to Goa to explore the 31st January Road? Ah! Most of you will say no. This is one such place in Goa which is known to be skirted with neo-classical chalets in neutral yellow shades, blue and stonewashed olive green color on the other side, and the cobblestoned boulevards of this expanse are evocating more about the European rural community than a capital city of any Indian state. The expanse is bursting with numerous art arcades and legacy hotels - residences that have been safely withholding the vintage fixtures as well as structural design to give you a peek into a past that long time back existed in this place.

While you stay in Calangute beach resorts Goa, you can even drive down to Panjim’s main road where you will be enchanted by the beautiful view of the Miramar beach which is running just alongside the road. Here you can halt and relist the different cuisines of Goa at some of the famous food outlets.

Besides, you can have a more relaxing time in some of the remote beaches like Bogmalo, Velsao, and Betalbatim which are pristinely clean with your family and friends. You won’t be at all bothered by hawkers.

If you're planning a trip to Goa for the first time, then do book your rooms at Calangute beach resorts Goa and enjoy the world best massage at Calangute beach and shake your legs at Tito’s. But don’t overlook undiscovered and underrated sites in this stunning place.