Friday, January 11, 2019

Information about Paytm Payments Bank Debit and ATM Card

There is exiting news for the Paytm users, Paytm going to launch Paytm Payment Bank Debit Card which can be used as an ATM card also while you are having shortage to cash. From very past of 2011, Paytm starts to make a cashless transaction habit among their targeted users and hey are quite successful at their work now. Each and every Paytm Payments Bank account holder will get a free Digital Debit Card when they are opening their accounts. All the account holders can get a physical Debit Card through their Paytm App from their smartphones.

Paytm Payment Bank offers to open individual accounts without any chargers and you don’t need to maintain any minimum balance like other banks and you can keep upto 100000 rupees on that account o enjoy the facilities and benefits. There are some jaw-dropping benefits comes with this account and here in this article I’m going to write about all those benefits which can give you some real interest to keep your hard earn money on it. If you need to know more about it in detail you can easily search in the internet for Paytm customer care number and email ids and talk directly with the Paytm officials to give all the information about it. So, let’s have a quick look at the Paytm Payment Bank benefits.

No Any Account Fees and Extra Charges

This platform is not like other bank, you don’t need to pay any extra charges or any kind of annual fees for your transaction in yearly basis. This account opening procedure is totally free for the users and you can enjoy this account like any other bank accounts.

Deposit Your Money Risk-Free

As per a report from the Paytm officials, this company invests your deposited money on government bonds which is safer than any volatile market like share and trading. That is the main reason behind their firmness against the safety of you money.

Rupay Debit Card

With this account you’ll have a virtual debit card to make your marketing and payments in online. You can also order a physical debit card through your Paytm mobile application in your home. The all of your transaction from debit card will maintained by Rupay which have a great acceptance report from all merchants across the country.

Eye-Catching Interest   

You can enjoy 4% interest per annum on this account which is far better than any other bank savings account. You can also have the interest amount pay in your account in a monthly basis.

Real Time Passbook Update

You can see all your transaction through Paytm Payment Bank passbook all the time as your wish. You don’t need to go to the bank and update that passbook regularly to keep it updated.

High Security

Your account will always be secure with Paytm passcode. You’ll get alert massages and notification for every transaction from your account.

Isn’t it a great platform you make an account? You just need to contact the officials o open an account and enjoy all these facilities.