Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Know Your Skip Bin Size: 4 Ways

“What size skip bin is right for me?” This is a question that many skip hiring companies come across regularly. Unless you have referential pictures to look at in terms of the different sized skips, it is very difficult to estimate. It is always better to go for a size bigger basically for two reasons.

a.    It often turns out that often the load turns out to be more than usually intended. Thus, the extra space in any bigger skip can always get used.

b.    Most people don’t have the estimate of what they want to dispose from where they are staying. If they overload one skip, they often tend to ask for a second one.

A skip bin size is determined by cubic meters. Check out these five ways in terms of how you can order a skip for your purpose.

1.    Clearing of soil or lawn projects – This is relatively easy to estimate the quantity that you might need to throw. The general thumb rule is to determine the volume of the area and then multiplying it by 1.3 to allow packing efficiently. The skips ordered for soil or lawns are specifically made for sand or soil clearance.

When excavations are carried out it is generally not in the shape of a regular rectangle, akin to the shape of a skip bin. You don’t have to worry too much about the exact volume as the packing efficiency is going to be approximate anyway.

2.    Kitchen renovation – The size of the kitchens can vary depending on the size of the house. The waste generally includes bench tops, cabinetry and a stove possibly, a dishwasher, floor covering, wall tiles as well as the packaging that your new materials arrived in. Generally, a 4-6cubic meter skip is recommended for kitchen renovations.

3.    Garden cleanup – While doing a garden cleanup, it is often found that the branches often do not sit well in your skips unless you are inclined to cut them up in small sizes. It is recommended that you use a 6.75 cubic meter skip bin with a general garden clean up. This also has to depend on the garden size of course.

4.    Bathroom renovation – If you are renovating your bathroom, more or less it will be the same as that of your kitchen renovation. For throwing waste like old shower screen, tiles, toilet, cabinetry and possibly a bath tub, you need a skip that is something of a 4 cubic meter.

As with everything, your skip hiring company will be able to give you correct approximate recommendations when it comes to selecting a skip. The professional rubbish removal company  is trained in this very job and will be able to tell you the approximate size of the skip bin that you will require for your needs.