Wednesday, May 22, 2019

About the Beautiful City Located In California

In this world, there are many interesting places are located around. These kinds of places should be visited at least once in a lifetime by every individual. In America, California is located in the western. Here the city of San Francisco is located on the northern side of California. This is a famous place for tourists around the world. This place is full of hill stations covered with the fog around the city. This is the best place to visit for travelers to stay and enjoy the climate with lots of fun and entertainment.

The city is good to visit during the summer as the climate is foggy. Because of this, there are many festivals and concerts are occurring around the city. The climate of the city is bright during the morning time and it changes to foggy and cold at any time after that. There are many transportation facilities available around the city such as BART, Buses, minivans, cabs, and taxis. Since this is the famous city in California a large number of people used to visit every day. Because of this, the costs of the hotels are high so the people cannot able to afford.

Even hostels are not inexpensive to stay for visitors. The only place which is suitable for the low budget is the Motel available in the city. The Asian foods are a little bit inexpensive compared to others so it is better to try it to avoid the budget problem.

Best tourist spots in the city

Alcatraz Island and grand city tour

The island is very much attractive for the tourists as they can see the eye-catching sights like Golden Gate Bridge, rock, fisherman’s wharf, Chinatown, the Presidio, North beach and fine arts palace.

Golden gate bridge coastal walking tour

This is the tour that every visitor should utilize. Here there are large sceneries available. The visitors can simply walk through the coastal lines of the beach and each the baker's end. This tour enables visitors to watch the beautiful sceneries for the city and the climates with leisure walking.

Ferry to Angel Island

This is the tour which is less expensive for foreigners to visit Angel Island. The scenarios in this island are very much beautiful and adorable so the people have to try must.

Castro walking tour

This is the walking tour for the foreigners as they can come to know about the history of Castro, Harvey milk, residents in the city.