Saturday, September 28, 2019

Best ELD devices developed by top notch companies

ELD or Electronic Logging Devices are installed in commercial vehicles so that the truck owners can keep track of the driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) and other information regarding to the fleet operation. Truck drivers are required to enter their Record of Duty Status (RODS) in the ELDs by logging into it.


ELD monitors when the truck is being driven, activity status as on-duty, off-duty or on-duty not driving and so on. During routine inspections or for fleet commanders drivers are required to transfer the data or the log information to the law enforcement officers via Bluetooth 2.0, USB connection or a wireless internet service. ELDs must be compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s specifications.

Best ELD devices for fleet operations

Following are the details of the best ELD Devices:

1.      Keep Truckin ELD Device

This device has been rated as the best device which provides simplest, cheapest way to become compliant with state laws. The device features fuel  monitoring and geofencing which allows you to remain safe on roads.

Cost of Keep Truckin electronic log ranges from 0 – 50$ depending on the number of features you need to install. The product is FMCSA certified and is very easy to operate. The device even allows to take pictures in case the driver has involved in any accident and can send the same to the enforcement officers via app.

2.      Garmin eLog ELD Device

This device allows you to record data, share data, GPS tracking and vehicle navigation system. The company is famous for producing integrated top notch electronic devices.

It is considered as one of the best ELD devices on road with integrated software and quality premium features. It is one of the best affordable devices with no extra cost. The device is compatible with any regular 6 or 9 pin ports.

The device is compatible with a wide range of Garmin devices and as a result         the trucker can get personalized information via app.

3.      Stoneridge EZ-ELD Device

The company Stoneridge Inc started its operation in 1965 as auto devices in Ohio. It has then expanded its services to 15 countries and is now based in Michigan.

Installation of this ELD device is quick and straightforward and is installed within a short time. It is proved to be a very efficient app because it can store, distribute and show case files for up to 1/2 a year and can displays one month times sheet data.

4.      Blue Ink BIT ELD Device

This company produces high quality FMSCA compliant ELD system which is user friendly and no monthly cost is incurred. With the help of this app you can –

·         Access data for last 6 months
·         Fleet management systems are well catered
·         Simple installation
·         FMSCA compliant      

  5.      BigRoad DashLink

This app is considered to be one of the best ELD device offering –

·         Bluetooth connectivity
·         Provides accurate diagnostics logs
·         Simple in design
·         Easy and fast installation
·         Affordable relatively
·         DOT compliant
·         Has a 6-pin connector cable

There are many ELD devices available in the market but choose the best ELD device as per your requirements and budget.