Sunday, April 18, 2021

Keep Studying at Distance with the help of Interactive Classes of IvyInstitute


The distance education is given on the web and is therefore significantly more flexible in time, space and pace of study than other courses. These trainings can be a good alternative for you who do not have the opportunity to participate in our trainings on site. Maybe you want to study something alongside your work or supplement your studies at another university by studying at a distance.

Distance education and distance learning courses are something that is close to LPU’s heart. Even at an early stage of Lovely Professional University, there was the opportunity to study at a distance. However, distance education was then better known under the name "correspondence courses".

To study at a distance

Studying at a distance means a great deal of freedom and flexibility in your studies. However, be sure to find out the details and the structure behind your specific distance education as they often differ from municipality to municipality, program to program, course to course.

At LPU, there are many types of arrangements for studying at a distance. However, much of the training will take place via our web-based learning platforms at IvyInstitute. With the IvyInstitute interactive classes, you keep in touch with your teachers who correct your assignments and answer your questions regarding the education, and have the opportunity to communicate with supervisors and other course participants.

You will also find helpful study guides, test-yourself assignments, tests, audio and video clips as well as assignments and other course material.

A distance education can start all year round where you choose which pace you can study. It is an excellent choice of studies to combine with other interests or commitments such as travel, family or work.

Study in a virtual classroom with IvyInstitute

Distance education is often called flexible education - this is to mark that the education is given in a way that is as flexible for you as a student. With the help of special study material, study guidance and teacher contact, you can study at home, at the workplace, at the library or at a study center / learning center in your hometown.

To be able to study at a distance, you need two things: a computer and an internet connection.

In order to be able to study at a distance education, you also need two things: good self-discipline and being able to take great responsibility.

If you study at a distance via the internet, you still have close contact with teachers and classmates. The contact and teaching takes place through a learning platform with discussion forums on the web. You can also get in touch via, for example, e-mail. The lectures are usually given in the form of text and image or as audio or video files.

Some of the BCA distance learning programs have one or more physical meetings on site at the place of study, others have no meetings at all. The course can be examined through, for example, assignments, home exams or in some cases exams on site at the place of study or via a learning center such as IvyInstitute.