Monday, May 30, 2016

Club Paihia- Resort Living at its Best

Club Paihia is situated in the majestic landscape of the Bay of Islands, amid beauty and native bush. This amazing place is located just a couple of minutes away from the township of Paihia, and the exotic beaches, golf course and other attractions have made the Bay of Island a must-to-visit place throughout the world. Vacationers will enjoy their visit to the historic Treaty House, and roam aimlessly across the streets of Russell, or relaxing on any of the beaches in the region.

The Realm of Beauty

This is one of the best ideal destinations managed by Classic Holidays. The place with all its beauty will offer you the ultimate experience of holidaying at magnificent Bay of Islands. No matter at what time of the year you visit, the quiet island walks and the beauty of the place will have you the feeling that you are enjoying life’s best time watching the serenity of the maritime playground. The transparent water of Bay of Island is one of the major attractions for aquatic lovers- including sailing, diving, swimming and boating. It is worldwide recognised as one of the superb diving spots, where fish and dolphin are other main attractions.  

The Bay of Islands is rich in history, its pristine islands, and playful creatures of the sea that will leave you spellbound. Whether you go for diving, fishing or just to wander at the beautiful beaches, a few days at Club Paihia in the splendour of New Zealand’s North Island coastline will bring a sense of relaxation like any other place can offer.   

A Great Experience   

When you take a few steps outside the Club Paihia, you can relax your stirring soul in the peaceful surrounding of the resort. Anyone will fall in love with the seating area and carved cultural monuments placed on the grassy bank of the resort, which is a masterpiece made by the local woodworkers and artists. And everything will present a nice creative atmosphere of the site.

This all-inclusive resort managed by Classic Holiday is includes a wide range of activities for vacationers including a tennis court, heated outdoor swimming pool and the major attraction is the nice setting among the large area of leafy place.  

A tranquil hillside resort will give a relaxing retreat to the family. It is worth the visit to this “Jewel of the Bay of Islands”.