Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Sweet Surprise in Mumbai: Ideal Romantic Places

Which place strikes your mind the moment you plan to take your sweetheart out for a date? You either go for a movie or get together at a cafe, right? If you are in Mumbai and still stick to these overdone, overhyped and to be honest, boring spots for date, then you must know that there are various places to explore in Mumbai, and it's better if you keep it offbeat, a bit off the usual date spots. Go out, trek together, go for a road trip, watch the dusk, stay at a treehouse-- there’s so much to do! Need more?

While you are looking for the Chandigarh to Mumbai flights, there, in Mumbai, your lover’s waiting for you ardently. Well, what have you planned for your date? If what's annoying you is the plan to take your sweetheart out to make up for the time you've been away, then just read through the accompanying choices. The outcome? Well, we leave it upto you totally to experience that.

Juhu Chowpatty Beach

Juhu Beach is also called the Juhu Chowpatty by the local Mumbaikars. It is one of the first and oldest beaches in Mumbai, which is a prominent tourist spot as well as is the most famous spot to while away some time, or for spending quality time with your beloved watching the shores. From here, you can get the best perspective of the Mumbai dusk, appreciate some shoreline chaat, baraf gola and on the off chance that you are going there on weekends, then you'll be encompassed by swarms of Mumbaikars and visitors here. The most common sight is of couples found here during the evening while walking and appreciating an ecstatic affair out of the shoreline waves.

Rainforest, CBD, Belapur

The Rainforest has an interesting theme, especially characteristic of its name, with "trees" in the seating zone, giving you the most authentic feel of eating in a Rainforest. It could be a fascinating choice to go out for a date in a spot this lovely, and tranquil. Since theme based eateries are still not exceptionally mainstream in India, this gives it an edge over different alternatives to go for a romantic, fine feasting experience, that too with a twist!


Do whatever it takes, but do not go for a coffee date anymore, please! Do some activities together, something like ice-skating? It is an amazing alternative to spend a few moments of happiness with your cherished one. You don't have to be a professional skater for this, since each shopping mall where they have Ice-skating arenas, teach you the same. They even give you the alternative of doing your own specific thing.

Adlabs Imagica and Aquamagica

These amusement meccas opened by the Adlabs in Khopoli make for a fabulous day trip for everybody in Mumbai. It is pretty near to Navi Mumbai. The Adlabs Imagica and Aquamagica were actually introduced as a family-bonding destination, with rides and a food court providing each and everything, for every type of visitor here. So if you and your partner are the eccentric sort of a couple, then this spot can be the perfect 'date spot' for you both.
Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai

Palm Beach Road is a 10 km stretch, flanked by trees and other sorts of natural embellishments. It is known as one of the best streets in Mumbai, which makes it a perfect spot for a long late-night drive, particularly during the rainy season. So if you are searching for a protracted drive with your significant other, then this is the spot for you to go.

To be with the one you love most is the most elating experience any time. If you too feel that the spark in your love life is vanishing or if you are seeking for ideal spots in Mumbai to take your lover out for a rosy date, then then do try the above mentioned spots in the city and let that adoration revive to a superior level. Have a great time!