Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Los Angeles: An evolving tourist destination offering multifarious attractions

After New York City, Los Angeles is the second most famous city of USA which is known for its soothing climate, diverse metropolis and rich ethnic diversity. It is known as one of the major centers of American Entertainment industry where the famous Hollywood is located which draws aspiring actors and actresses from around the world. But gradually it has also evolved as one of the major tourist destinations who visit this thriving city for its wonderful beaches, high surrounding mountainous region and important museums.

The city of Los Angeles covers an area over 500 square miles among which 34 square miles is composed of water bodies. The distinct features of hilly region and flat locations make it one of the popular recreational regions in the country. This diverse and enriched topography make this city region complemented with different habitats including beaches, wetlands and mountains. It is also the home of many endangered species, from the world of flora and fauna. The dry summer climate which prevails over this city gives Los Angeles plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Along with the favorable climate throughout the year, the cultural and various enchanting locations around the city attracts thousands of tourists every year.

But there are many tourists who visit this city for first time are unaware of best attractions of the city. So, if a person decides to visit this city located in California here are top attractions that they should not miss:

  •  J Paul Getty Museum: It exhibits ancient Greek and Roman antiquities and contemporary art forms which will enthrall every visitor.     
  • Griffin Park and Observatory: A theater, a planetarium to view the stars in the sky and zoo with all wild animals make it a favorite spot for the tourists. 
  • Hollywood: A place which needs no introduction and people can visit the place to see the celebrities and how the famous films are made. 
  • Venice Beach: The extensive stretch of golden sand, the serene sea waves complimented with great walkways make Venice Beach of the best locations in the city. People can also gorge on different sea foods in the surrounding restaurants. 
  • Music Center: One of the largest facilities in the United States, it has four venues. From the impressive building to lovely plays and music concerts, it organizes everything to delight all the people who love performing arts.
Apart from these five destinations, people can also visit Farmer’s Market, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Exposition Park, Long Beach and many more.

All these place make this city one of the most popular tourist destinations. With a thriving economy, culture and sports, it can make the holidays worth remembering which would be cherished by the people life long. So, any person who decides to visit this city is obviously made a good choice. They can visit the city with their friends, family and even alone. Los Angeles has a wide variety of transportation facilities that make help the tourists to visit any place without any hassles.

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Joseph Alan Kikuchi is one of the most celebrated basketball coach who coached this game for over 30 years. Born and raised in Los Angles, he loves his city. Professionally, he is also associated with a celebrated fruit distributing chains where he is in charge of sales and distribution. Follow him on Twitter.