Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why Should South America Overland Tours be in Your Wanderlust List?

This is a land filled with passion, desire, culture and history, so where better to let your Wanderlust free? There are a wide range of South America overland tours available to suit both the uninitiated and the seasoned visitor alike.

A cornucopia of destinations

South American is home to countries steeped in history and just waiting to be explored. Key destinations include Peru, Brazil and Colombia, each of which has a unique charm and something very different to offer even the most experienced traveller. Many tours involve travelling through regions that may feel a little more disconnected from "civilisation" than those of us from the western world are accustomed to. However, this is all very much part of the adventure.

Whilst it may be possible to create your own itinerary, it is far wiser to benefit from the in-depth local knowledge of a seasoned guide. This will provide you with constant access to someone familiar with local mores and customs; allowing you to focus on absorbing the unique beauty of the South American scenery and the fascinating culture, both ancient and modern, of its peoples.

Dramatic scenery, unspoilt landscapes redolent of the ever-changing seasons; rich verdant valleys carved by rivers over eons. A shared experience. Indeed many of those who have experienced South American overland tours have made life-long friends with some of their fellow explorers. Think Columbus or Vespucci rather than Bazza from Bromsgrove. It may seem a bold step compared with the annual family trip to a poolside somewhere but the rewards are rich and various, with sights, sounds, smells and tastes that are a far cry from the banal offerings of most mainstream tourist destinations.

Food, Music and Culture

The food is a major attraction on any South American overland tour. Try Ceviche in Peru, Empanadas in Argentina or Coxinhas in Brazil. Enlightening and delicious. Street food is a huge part of society in South America and it is there to be embraced, its intrinsic value reflected in its growing popularity worldwide.

The music and festival atmosphere in some of the major cities is something to behold too. The Rio Olympics have showcased just some elements of the vibrant, carnival atmosphere that makes this city such a go-to destination for travellers from all walks of life and of all ages. And many of the continent's other cities are similarly exuberant.

South America overland tours allow you to explore all of the above and more. As such, they are increasingly appearing on bucket lists and Wanderlust lists. Far more than yet another holiday, this is an experience that is beautiful, mesmerising, emotional, occasionally testing, all wrapped up into the experience of a lifetime.