Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Popularity of Sailing Adventure Holidays in Greece

Sailing around the Mediterranean on a beautiful yacht may seem like a holiday reserved for the rich and famous. However, it is easier than you think to experience the joys of a sailing adventure holiday in Greece by chartering your very own yacht for a week on either a bareboat (no crew) or skippered basis. This article details some of the reasons why sailing holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean are so popular.

The Weather

Everyone knows that the typical English summer consists of one glorious sunny day followed by a week of rain. The Eastern Mediterranean, however, is famous for its beautiful blue skies, glorious burning sun and calm, azure blue waters. Imagine seeing this every morning as you peep out of your cabin's porthole. Whilst the sun can get very hot on land during the summer months, you'll experience a mild, cooling sea breeze as you gently glide through the pristine waters on the yacht and, when you anchor in one of the many beautiful bays, you can take a dip and have a relaxing swim to cool off in the glorious, clear waters.

Peace, Quiet and Tranquility

Ever saved up for your dream summer holiday and arrived at your destination to find its packed with loud, rowdy, jostling tourists? Well, an adventure sailing holiday in Greece is the perfect way to avoid the madding crowd. Spending your days enjoying the peace and tranquility of the open water or visiting quiet bays is a heavenly and relaxing way to spend your week. If you want to go ashore, there are plenty of unspoilt Greek towns and local fishing villages with their picturesque harbours and traditional tavernas that are off the beaten, tourist track.

The Food

If you're a lover of authentic Greek cuisine, then sailing adventure holidays in Greece are the perfect option. Forget your tourist-based moussaka or souvlaki in favour of some traditional cuisine served up in local tavernas that are off the tourist track. Greek food is incredibly delicious and, whilst the tourist tavernas will offer the same choices, the local tavernas will offer a wide range of traditional Greek foods, such as giouvetsi, gyros, kleftiko, pastitsio and stifado along with the gorgeous crusty bread, Greek olives and tzatziki that we all know and love.

The Sunsets

Everyone knows that the Mediterranean is often as flat and calm as a mill pool, and whilst this will make your days on deck very enjoyable, coupled with the beautiful weather it also makes the sunsets spectacular. Imagine sitting on deck, with your partner or some friends, enjoying a glass of wine, listening to the gentle waves lapping at the side of the yacht whilst watching the ember red fingers of the sun light up the flat waters.
So, what are the reasons to choose a sailing holiday in Greece? The perfect weather, the incredible food, the peace and tranquility and the sunsets. There's nothing as beautiful as a Greek sunset.