Monday, November 21, 2016

Evening Desert Safari: An Unforgettable experience

Dubai is famous for its three things, Sand, oil and buildings that are so high that you can maintain direct connect with God upthere. Just kidding! With the passage of time Dubai has become a centre of attraction for the whole wide world. When it comes to business economics, almost all the big fishes in the business aquarium are looking to shift their setups to the Emirates.This is because of not only the cost factors as well, but also because of the diversity in the culture of Dubai due to which it almost accepts everyone with open arms whoever looks forward to it.
Tourist Attraction
As mentioned above, since many companies are looking to shift their areas of operations to Dubai, this has worked as quite positively in the case of Dubai.As it has simply been “indirect marketing”, with foreigners from all around the globe visiting the vicinity, Dubai has become a great tourist attraction, because of its tall human-made structures, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it desert (in particular).

If you choose Dubai as a vacation destination, evening desert safari is what you need to place if you want to label your trip to Dubai “complete”. Rated as the best desert safari in the world, evening desert safari, in particular, is the experience you surely need if you visit Dubai. Being the only experience which you cannot get back home, you just can afford to leave desert safari undone, especially the evening safari.

You just can’t imagine a trip to Dubai without a Desert Safari. The desert safari in addition to providing you with the glimpse of the Dubai you won’t be familiar is, a Dubai without its famous skyscrapers and physics-defying architecture but also provide you with the chance to spend a life like a Bedouin, a gipsy Arab of the desert.

The Safari kicks off with a thrilling drive in a luxurious 4X4 SUV, to a campsite, where the delicious freshly barbequedshawarma and shisha tobacco await your arrival. Choose between a camel ride or an SUV ride, depending on the amount of thrill you choose to experience or simply have the heart to bear.

But the real beauty unfolds when the sun sets down. The planetarium designed by God is on the exhibition, with the black sky covered with countless stars providing you with a mesmerising view and soothing and relaxing you, making you feel the relaxation you wish to seek, away from all the horns, distortions and noises of the city life.

With the barbecues, henna paintings and shisha continued on offer, the additional entertainment services provided in the evening desert safari include a very beautiful show of belly dancing and a traditional dance form known as tamboura, where talented performers look to entertain you the highest level of satisfaction, with the duration of the show being around 5-6 hours.

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