Monday, May 21, 2018

4 Different Types of Jeans You Shouldn’t Avoid When Shopping Online

Are you among those who are fed up with shopping at mall? Don’t you want to buy jeans in the market just because of rush and scorching sun of Dubai? Don’t worry; online shopping stores are for you. Continue reading this blog as it presents you the ideas to do online shopping for jeans in Dubai. It will make the entire process easier and hassle-free. Whether you want jeans for men or women, online gives you a one stop shopping store. The most popular items in jeans include boot cut, flare, low rise, and stretch.

When doing online shopping in Dubai, pay attention to these popular types.


Once considered a relic from past generations, flare jeans have made a bold come back. They have the same style as the boot but jeans, their leg opening are kept wider and the flare classically remains higher up on the leg.

Besides these, flare jeans tend to have a tighter fit. They are the right fit for nearly any type of body. However, they especially flatter on those wider hips. You can find flares with different leg widths which makes sure that there is a perfect pair for everyone.

Boot Cut:

Boot cut jeans are among the most favourite choice of people. Whether or not they are paired with boots, they look great.

You can find boot cut jeans in all sizes and in many colors. They’re an ideal choice if you want something stylish, modern and most elegant. You can wear them casually, or dress up for more formal situations.


Almost every pair of jeans comes with stretch denim, especially when you buy jeans online. Stretch jeans, as the name suggests, are stretchable. They’re more comfortable for some wearers as they simply look better and more attractive. You can find these jeans in different amounts of stretch, and some are designed to stretch only in certain areas like waist and hips.

You can also find some jeans that are tight and fit. Other stretch jeans comprise of strategic stitching and other types to help hide some areas and create a sexier silhouette.

Low Rise:

Today’s most popular jeans feature a low rise waist. These types of jeans sit low on your hips unlike when worn around the waist. These jeans look sexy and are very stylish. They’re also very comfortable with a traditional rise. No matter you are thin or a bit healthy, low rise jeans are perfect for every size of people as they come in different sizes and lengths.