Sunday, August 5, 2018

Discover India - Pink City and Blue City

Jaipur : Pink city of India
Jaipur, the third corner of the Golden Triangle of Northern India, is the capital of Rajasthan. The city owes its name to its founder Jai Singh II but also bears the nickname "pink city" because the city was repainted with this color during the visit of the Prince of Gales in 1876.

Jaipur is the showcase of Rajasthan: there are the bright colors of saris and turbans, the spice and silver merchants, as well as the superb Rajput and Mughal architectural blend.

However it is for the work of its blue pottery and the refinement of its jewels that the capital is famous in the field of craftsmanship.

Jaipur the 3rd destination of Golden Triangle Tour India in the tourist map of India as a result of many positive factors associated with this city. The connectivity of Jaipur though its air, roads and railways with other destinations in India are excellent.

Jaipur is the rich heritage ambassador and folk arts of Rajasthan, so for tourists with limited travel time visiting Jaipur gives those glimpses of colorful culture and magnificent architecture of Rajasthan. Jaipur knows all over the world for his craftsmanship particularly blue pottery and jwellery with gemstone inlay work.

Jaipur Rajasthan State present capital was the richer state of India in interim medieval. The location of Jaipur is very close to Delhi. The place of power regulates the Muslim period in India. The Jaipur rulers were in close contact with Delhi and on may see this impact on the architecture and culture there.

Most of the historical buildings are influenced by the Persian and Muslim architecture. Amber Fort, palace complex of the city being this old stable is well maintained preserving the rich heritage of temporary workers. Brief information about Jaipur tourist places provides below with a link leading to their detailed history.

Must see attractions
  • Amber Fort in Jaipur. 
  • The City Palace in Jaipur.
  • The Wind Palace in Jaipur. (Hawa Mahal) 
  • Jantar Mantar (Astronomical Observatory) in Jaipur 
  • The Ram Niwas Garden and the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur
Jodhpur: The blue city of India
Jodhpur was the capital of Rajputana of Marwar, princely state of Rajasthan. Now the second largest city in Rajasthan after Jaipur, it is a fine example of the marriage between modern and old India. The Mehrangarh Fort, majestically overlooking the city, and the Umaid Palace, are two major attractions of tourism.

Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha, Rajput chief of the Rathore clan, in 1459. The old city of Jodhpur was located within the Fortress of Mehrangarh Fort on a rocky hill. Jodhpur witnessed many battles between Rajputs and Mughals. It is under the reign of Maharaja Umed Singh that the city has modernized. The polo remained the traditional sport of the nobility of Jodhpur.

For anecdote, Jodhpur calls itself the city of the sun because it is the sunniest in Rajasthan. But it is especially under the name of the blue city that it is famous. Why? Because the houses in the capital of Marwar are mainly painted in blue, the color of the Brahman caste but also useful for repelling heat and mosquitoes.

To do in Jodhpur:
Classic tour: fort, etc.

Possible activities: cooking class, zipline, visit of Bishnois villages and raika