Thursday, October 25, 2018

Enjoy the Most Beautiful Dolphin Watching Lagos!

Lagos is a paradise for surfers and diving enthusiasts. This is an amazing place in which there are many natural attractions: rocks, lagoons, caves, grottoes, national parks. If the photos of the Portuguese Lagos have long attracted your attention, then it's time to go on a real tour of the best beaches in the Algavra region.

The picturesque city of Lagos is located in the south of Portugal and is the center of the municipality of Faro. This seaside resort is popular among locals. Population of this place is about 17,000 people.
The first mention of the city dates back to the 6th century. It was then that Lagos was conquered first by the Visigoths and then by the Byzantines. In the 9th century, the Moors became its owners.

Independence of the city gained only in the 14th century and this event was fateful for the history of the whole of Portugal. As is known, the 15th century is the period of the “Great Geographical Discoveries” and it was precisely from Lagos that many navigators went on distant and dangerous journeys. Perhaps this time was a real dawn for a small maritime town.

Portuguese Lagos is a sea city, therefore the entertainment offered by travel companies is directly related to water activities. For example:

Sea travel:

On the beaches of Lagos, you can rent a boat and go on a short trip with a guide. However, there are suggestions that are more interesting: Portuguese travel agencies offer to go on a tour that will make an unforgettable journey through the picturesque rocks, grottoes, and caves of the Atlantic Ocean. And the most interesting thing is that tourists will be playing on the ocean on a pirate sailing ship “Santa Bernard” with two masts and ancient furnish inside.

Dolphin Watching Lagos:

If you have seen dolphins only in the photo and have long dreamed of seeing them for real, then this tour is an excellent chance to make your dreams come true. Together with an experienced guide, in a few minutes you will swim to the habitat of Dolphin Watching Lagos and within 2 hours you will watch these friendly mammals.

Sea safari:

Sea Safari is a great opportunity to take a photo of Lagos under water. The unique underwater world of Portugal attracts many divers from around the world. And if in the northern part of the country diving clubs are not very common, then in the southern part, near the city of Lagos, there are many companies that are ready to show you the underwater beauty of the country at any time of the year: unusual plants, colorful fish and flooded ships that attract here divers. The diving center was opened especially for tourists in Lagos.

We are sure that you will be very excited to see this Dolphin Watching Lagos and you will be relieved by seeing this beautiful atmosphere. You can go here with your family or your friends. We hope you will be very happy to see Lagos dolphins.