Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A guide to Ilopango Lake in El Salvador

The Caribbean islands have each a treasure one should not miss when visiting. For El Salvador, it’s the Ilopango Lake. The 72 square kilometres and 230 metres caldera is the largest natural like of the country. Just a few minutes from San Salvador, Ilopango Lake is perfect for water activities.

Try the various water sports

Sandy beaches and turquoise water is what one would expect for holidays in the Carribean Islands. Ilopango does not make an exception to the rule. Along the southwest shore, near the community of Apulo, there are public beaches where you can swim. However, they are not Ilopango’s best features. They are small, poorly maintain and overcrowded. The best of water activities actually happens at the lake. On water, kayaking and skiboating are popular. You can also tour the lake on a boat, by renting one or paying a fee to join a group tour. In water, swimming is obviously the first thing to do. You can plunge into the clear and sparking water by launching yourself from the branches of the trees surrounding the lake. The depth of the water makes it possible to dive into it to explore the steep rock ridges that plunges into the deep waters. Local shops organize expeditions and provide guides. Some even rent equipment if needed.

Eat fish-based food

The lake is said to be home to fine tiger bass and other small fish. Bigger catch is a however rare event – not to say impossible. Ilopango Lake is so deep that sunlight only reaches the shallow waters. Vegetation cannot therefore not grow in deeper water, hence the absence of bigger fish. However, Ilopango is still a fishermen land. Fish they caught are used for local consumption and they tend to get a lot. It is thus common to have fish on the menu every day. You however can be certain they are always fresh. The people still use ancient methods to get their catch. They boat out to where the water is deep and free dive to look for the fish. You could learn from them. However, it is a very dangerous method. For a more modern and safer angling, you could contact a charter fishing company to arrange you a trip.

Stay in Ilopango’s vacation rentals

Ilopango is just 10 miles from San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. You can reach the location by bus or taxi. However, the area has so much to offer and you can’t see or do it all within a day. It is therefore recommended to rent a room or a house along the many along the shoreline of Ilopango. You won’t only save money from the trips to the capital but could also get great deals for the activities. Vacation rental owners indeed supply water activities equipment and other amenities and you could get them for free if you are residing in the area. Staying in a private lake house will also allow you to cook your own menu. But the most rewarding thing is the magnificent views of the lake.