Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9 Apps for Smart Travel

How to travel safely?

What a great time for travelers! No more illegible road maps, unforeseen events, transportation incidents! Today everything is connected and the world of applications holds small wonders to really make life easier for all aspiring globe-trotters! Obviously, the only risk being to run out of battery, think to be foresighted and always to bring you a plane B in case: Auxiliary battery, solar charger, double shell, rechargeable backpack, multiple possibilities s' offer to us.

TOP 9 essential Android apps to go on a trip.

1. IziTravel

No need to stuff your pockets with tourist guides of all kinds: This application allows you to benefit from guided audio tours in more than 900 cities worldwide! Available in many languages, Izitravel also offers you audio tours of the most beautiful museums.

2. Air Help

This application should be recognized of general interest for all those who take a plane at least once in their life. How many people got trapped at an airport because of a canceled flight? AirHelp allows you to have news of your flight, to be reimbursed very easily in case of problems on your flight, and little more: AirHelp will draw for you a map including the route of all your destinations, which can be shared via the social networks. Small precision: this service is free!

3. Easy Currency

If you hate Mathematics and the calculation of exchange rates, that's good, Easy Currency does it for you! Available in more than 180 currencies, to control your expenses and your travel budget.

4. Flush

Who has not already met with an abominable urge in a foreign city and it's been two hours since you turn without finding the toilet? Flush does it for you; it will save you a fine for indecency!

5. My Family GPS Tracker

What anguish when you lose one of his relatives in the jungle (even urban)! Do not panic, My Family GPS Traker is a free service that allows you to geolocate the mobile phone of each member of your family (or group). Also practical if you have been stolen or lost your smartphone.

6. Google Translation

This famous application has become a must for translation. You can record your voice in your native language and let the translation of the application speak for you if you are afraid of not pronouncing correctly.

7. Meteociel

One of the best weather apps available to record the weather of your favorite cities live, have the weather beaches for the summer and tracks for the winter. Very accurate, this application is regularly updated, offering you new features.

8. Budgi

The Budgi application allows you to follow the evolution of your budget, to automatically convert the local currency to the Euro, and to know the average expenses of other travelers in the region, to know if you are more "Ant" or "cicada"!

9. MyAtlas

Travel book par excellence, this application allows you to share with your family all your travels, experiences, photos. You can collect all your trips in your pocket. A little extra: You can browse the different travel diaries of the community to give you travel ideas for your future journeys. Offline mode is also available for areas without Wi-Fi.

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