Monday, August 5, 2019

Book Kerala Tour Packages: Visit These Places

Before travelling around the world, try visiting different places in India. India is a multicultural, multi-lingual, rich and colorful country. With the different states, you will find different accommodating climates and atmosphere. Go on different adventures and try seeing India with a new perspective. One such spot that you must not miss is Kerala. Keralais otherwise known as “God’s Own Country” is one tourist hotspot for people all over the globe. Here are some things that must be included in your Kerala tour packages.

1.      Bath, the elegant Elephants

Elephants are said to be the portrait of Lord Ganesha. Don’t miss your chance to pay respect and serve the Lord by bathing the elephants. The Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary offers different activities within its perimeters, and bathing elephants is just one of them. You can also take an elephant ride along theBharathapuzha River and enjoy wildlife. You may have seen many different beauty pageants, but not a pageant such as one in Kerala. Be a part of an elephant beauty pageant, where the elephants dress up and entertain you.

2.      On the river

Have you ever been on a Boathouse? It is a house on a boat. You can book a trip on any boathouse you want in Alleppey. The experience will be one of a kind. You will feel as though you are on a swing with the gentle rocking of the river. You can also experience exquisite culinary on the boathouse. Another activity that can be done it cheering on for yourfavorite team on the snake boat. Snake boating is a competitive sport that happens on the rivers in Kerala. You can cheer for any of your favorite teams and join the locals in this grand event.

3.      Become Tarzan and get close to nature

Fulfil your childhood dream of becoming Tarzan and live in a tree house. Places like Wayanad and Munnar offer you this chance to be closer to nature. Book a tree house and live in one for a day. A thrilling experience from staying in the tree house id guaranteed. Go on a wildlife safari in the Periyar jungle and come close to nature. Another wonder of nature in Kerala is the Nigera Falls of India, is the Athirapally Falls. These are some wonder of nature that you must get close to.

4.      Traditional Arts

Indulge in some fine arts and go off to a place where you would be able to see some traditional performances by people. Kathakali is a traditional dance from the south of India. Enjoy stories being performed in a beautiful manner that would entrance you.

Travelling is not about reaching your destination; it is about finding yourself because, in the rat race that we call life, you are lost somewhere within and need to be found. This is such the beauty of Kerala. Make sure that when you are visiting Kerala, your Kerala tour packages include all of these exciting activities. Come with your family and friends, and you will not be disappointed with your travel.