Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Benefits and Characteristics of Thermal Innerwear Clothing

One of its main features, in addition to retaining body heat, is thermal comfort, as its fabric has properties that expel moisture and thus prevent sweating. Lightweight and easy to maintain, as washing and storing the product does not require much special care, they are super practical and suitable for your winter trip!  

But at this point you might be wondering what the difference is between a second thermal skin product and ordinary clothing, isn't it? Know that the secret behind thermal clothing is the technology used in the fabrics. In addition, they are usually given elastane to be more elastic and thus allow more freedom of movement. Another plus for your winter trips!

Flat stitching and a velvety feel are other very important features of second skin thermal wears online and pants made for winter, cold or snow. As it is a product that is intended to be used as a second skin (in direct contact with the body), the care for anatomical comfort is very important. Flat seam provides zero touch at seam seams, avoiding discomfort. The velvety touch is incredibly soft and helps maintain body heat.

Within the product's benefits package, which is super complete, we can also include UV protection and antibacterial action, which prevents odors!

How and when to wear them

The positive point of this type of product is that it can be used in different temperatures and occasions, from mild climates to intense cold. They are also suitable for outdoor activities, for walks and even for use at home. In other words, an indispensable accessory for winter lovers!

But if the cold is intense, it is worth noting that it is not the first layer of clothing that will be the only one responsible for maintaining your warmth. To ensure your warmth, you will need to dress in layers, complementing it with a second and third skin. 

In this case, the main function of the first layer of clothing is precisely to keep your body comfortable and regulate humidity, while the second layer will complement the function of retaining body heat and the third will ensure protection against the action of the elements of the nature like wind, rain, among others!

How to choose your thermal innerwear clothes?

The first question to ask yourself is what temperature you will face! Low temperatures require a slightly sturdier thermal suit, and for milder temperatures lighter thermal wear kids can be used. The technology in both cases is the same, what changes are the thickness of the fabric used in the development of the product and, therefore, its efficiency in maintaining heating. 

Another situation that should be taken into account when choosing your second skin T shirt or pants are the activities you intend to perform when wearing the products. In the case of a trip, will your tours be urban or do you want to enjoy the cold in a more adventurous style? If the activity is more intense and requires more movement from your body, we suggest that you opt for lighter thermal clothing that will ensure the necessary protection. But, in this case, don't forget to complement the protection with waterproof jackets and windbreakers.